Capstone Undergraduate Projects


Level Project Scope Available
499 Automated Agriculture Software Stack 2(1) 🔵
499 Research Ready Smart Watch 2 ✔️
500 Custom Project 2 ✔️

Note: The 🔵 symbol means some students have already signed up (# indicated in brackets), but spots remain.

Application Procedure

To apply for any of the projects, please email Prof. Muise with the following details:

  1. Your name and a bit of background about yourself.

  2. The project name and expression of your interest in the area.

  3. Your Queen’s transcript (unofficial is fine).

  4. (if available) A CV/Resume

  5. (if available) A link to any software/projects you’ve worked on (e.g., GitHub profile).

Over the coming months, we will reach out to interested students and possibly interview if there is high demand for the project. If necessary, the interview process will involve a small coding exercise as well as meeting with Prof. Muise and/or Mu Lab members.

Project Ideas

A short summary of each project is below.

Automated Agriculture Software Stack

The MuLab, along with the Machine Intelligence & Biocomputing (MIB) Laboratory, are building a lab-scale platform for the exploration of autonomous agriculture. This will include sensors such as video feeds, nutrient detection, etc., and actuators such as lighting, watering, etc. This project will involve working with the MIB lab and MuLab to prototype the initial software for the first iteration of the system being built in the winter'23 term.

Research Ready Smart Watch

To conduct ongoing research in both continuous authentication and smart office analytics, this project aims to build a custom Android Wear application that will let us make use of all the sensors in modern smartwatches. Students located in Kingston will optionally have access to modern wearables in order to test the developed application, and the resulting prototype will contribute directly to research in both the MuLab and CSRL research labs.

Custom Project

500-level projects are largely about independent research. If you have a passion to do research in the type of area the lab specializes in (look at all the projects above to get a sense), then feel free to [pitch a project] that you might like to pursue.