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Model Understanding / Multi-agent Reasoning / Modeling Uncertainty

Implementation of the LOCM action model acquisition technique in the MACQ library.

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Using typing gait recognition to build a profile on and authenticate users.

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This open-ended project is for focusing on advanced sports analytics. The goal of this project is to detect lines in the fields and create visualizations from a given American football game video, to determine team influence of player behavior, etc.

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AAAI 2022

ICAPS Journal Track (2022)

ICAPS 2022 System Demonstrations

ICAPS 2022 System Demonstrations
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Prof. Christian Muise

Assistant Professor, Queen's University

Alison Paredes

PhD Student, Mu Lab

Brennan Cruse

PhD Student, Mu Lab / Aiim Lab

Nisha Simon

PhD Student, Mu Lab

Victoria Armstrong

PhD Student, Mu Lab

Bennet Montgomery

Master's Student, Mu Lab / QUARRG

Ella Morgan

Master's Student, Mu Lab

Mane Piliposyan

Master's Student, Mu Lab / Simpson Lab

Sana Arastehfar

Master's Student, Mu Lab / Queen's University Soccer Lab

Rebecca De Venezia

Undergrad Research Student, Mu Lab

Stuart Fong

Undergrad Research Student, Mu Lab

Fiona LeClair-Robertson

Undergrad Research Student, Mu Lab

Owen Rocchi

Undergrad Student, Mu Lab / MIB

Alba Gragera Alvarez

Visiting Scholar, Mu Lab

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