D3WA+: A Case Study of XAIP in a Model Acquisition Task


Recently, the D3WA system was proposed as a paradigm shift in how complex goal-oriented dialogue agents can be specified by taking a declarative view of design. However, it turns out actual users of the system have a hard time evolving their mental model and grasping the imperative consequences of declarative design. In this paper, we adopt ideas from existing works in the field of Explainable AI Planning (XAIP) to provide guidance to the dialogue designer during the model acquisition process. We will highlight in the course of this discussion how the setting presents unique challenges to the XAIP setting, including having to deal with a different user persona as the domain modeler rather than the end-user of the system, and consequently having to deal with the unsolvability of models in addition to explaining generated plans.

Proceedings of the Thirtieth International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS)