Papers and resources for the PR2 planner


Implementation of the LOCM action model acquisition technique in the MACQ library.


Using typing gait recognition to build a profile on and authenticate users.

This open-ended project is for focusing on advanced sports analytics. The goal of this project is to detect lines in the fields and create visualizations from a given American football game video, to determine team influence of player behavior, etc.

The goal of this project was to implement tools to help automate assessment marking for CISC352.

Converted an existing ABM system into an IABM then wrapped that into a web application.

Solving Jigsaw Puzzles with Islands.


We fully discretize DreamerV2 and evaluate the discrete representation learned by the model.

Various model-based methods for extracting interpretable insights from discrete time series.

Capturing the agent’s behaviour through a policy representation that maps states of the world to actions.